ReShape 25 Billion Probiotic 30 Capsules

ReShape 25 Billion Probiotic 30 Capsules

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An effective probiotic which is stable at room temperature and proven to have a 37% stronger stimulation of natural killer cell cytotoxic activity (anti viral) over a standard 25 Billion cf Probiotic.

The perfect one a day gut balance.  Safe to be used ongoing or after a course of antibiotics our ReShape Probiotic is scientifically formulated to keep you at your very best.  It’s also used in combination with our ReShape Your Life detox program

  • Assisting digestion
  • Assist in prevention and treatment of infectious diarrhea
  • Assist in treating overgrowth of bad bacteria
  • Alleviating symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome & inflammatory bowel conditions
  • Assist in preventing yeast infections (candida)
  • Improve lacrosse absorption in people who are lactose intolerant,
  • Aiding the treatment of respiratory infection
  • Lower the risk of allergies and help with food intolerances
  • Assist in the treatment of high cholesterol


Made in Australia in a GMP certified facility


The Southern Cross University (Australia) has completed a series of in vitro and comparative tests of MultiplyPLUS in human blood. Tests reveal that our Probiotic with MultiplyPLUS (Bio fermented Papaya and Pomegranate) has shown a 37% stronger stimulation of natural killer cell cytotoxic activity (antiviral) over a standard 25 Billion cf Probiotic.


  • Supports general wellbeing

  • Supports your immune system

  • Supports healthy digestive function

  • Good source of intestinal flora

  • Help control harmful bacteria


Lactobacillus Acidophilus (15 Billion CFU's)

Lactobacillius Rhamnosis (5.5 Billion CFU's)

Bifidobacterium Lactis (4.5 Billion CFU's)