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We are committed to help you make a life-long change to your weight and your health. If you have some weight to lose and struggle to exercise, this is the kickstart you need.


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What can I say? Thank you, thank you, thank you for introducing me to this program! When I first decided to do this truly amazing program I had no idea that it would transform my life and the lives of people that I know. For my first 21 day program I released 12 kilos and the second time around I got serious and released a further 14 kilos (26kg in total). I have been able to maintain my weight over the last 12 months. Say goodbye to the Michelin man! I have gone from a size 42” down to an impressive 33” waist now.
All I can say is: Follow the program it works!


Christopher is a walking encyclopedia of knowledge when it comes to general health. I first met Chris in 1998 when he was just starting out. I was feeling very sick from overload and stress. He coached me for 2 wks teaching me how to complete a cleanse. Something I had never undertaken.It was hard but he was such a natural teacher and so passionate about his methods that I completed the program with his guidance and within a few days felt amazing!I did get breast cancer in 2000 but it was caught early and again, I sought his help. I changed my lifestyle, quit my job, changed my diet and for two years followed his advice. I’m still here and the best part is that I never underwent Chemo or Radiology. I just had to have faith in myself and in Christopher. Thank you Chris!!


I first made an appointment with Melinda in 2015. Having had a poor diet and even poorer food knowledge I was an easy target! Mel is great at giving you the tools to implement new food habits through increasing your knowledge of good foods – when to eat them and what effect they can have.

I can honestly say that the transformation after 4 weeks has been astonishing! I am lighter in body and mind and have never felt my body humming with the vitality is does now.

Melinda gives you the tools to make permanent changes.


Despite many visits to G.P’s my skin continued to get infections and irritations. Antibiotics had a temporary effect, but the problems kept returning. So I consulted Melinda about the problems, for an alternative point of view.

After a consultation I took on board her dietary recommendations, and not only did my skin clear up, but my general wellbeing overall has improved. I feel more energetic and happier. My clear skin has given me more confidence and life is generally better.

I will definitely be consulting Melinda on any other medical or general health issues in the future.