A New Way of Life for a Happier You

The ReShape Your Life™ Accelerated Fat Loss program is about making life-long change to your weight and your health. It’s not a fad, and as our customers will tell you, with a little bit of dedication, you too can achieve great results and reshape your life. We’ve seen a lot of weight loss programs in our time. As a dedicated team of pharmacists, naturopaths and health professionals, we’ve seen fads come and go.

How We Started

It all began years ago with the HCG very low calorie (VLC) diet which swept across the world. We formulated and supplied fat loss drops for practitioners for years. One day we decided to set up our own fat loss program in the pharmacy (ReShape Your Life™) using the same drops and our own nutritional support that are essential for a person who is shedding kilos. See, we not only want people to lose fat, we want them to lose it safely and not regain it. Toxins from daily living, environment and lifestyle build up over time and are stored in fat. In fat loss, especially stubborn fat they are released into the body. Often the body is not used to dealing with so many toxins all at once and so it needs support from the ReShape probiotics (alkalising), the ReShape Beans & Greens Powder (detoxifying), the ReShape Multi Plus (essential vitamins and minerals) and of course the ReShape drops which enable you to use your fat stores for energy. ReShape was born and we never looked back. Knowing how hard it is sometimes to make a change in our current busy lives, find the time for exercise and all the other things we “should” be doing, ReShape gives a simple, proven and effective formula to lose fat fast*. What happens after the three weeks? Well it really depends. Some clients continue on the program for another course because they have more fat to lose. On average we find people are happy with the weight loss they have achieved. After that they either repeat the program or begin the maintenance phase with no calorie restrictions.

Are you Ready for a Change?

This program works is because it’s simple, easy and only takes one week* to see results. In the very first week patients get motivated to continue as their measurements improve and the scales show lost kilograms* Patients report losing their taste for the excessive cravings they used to have. They notice how those foods make them feel and choose to avoid it. They make better choices and even begin exercising again! We have a dedicated team of professionals who have perfected a formula that enables people to achieve their fat loss goals effortlessly. With over 160 years of experience between us we have become experts in solving our patients’ fat loss problems and have a success rate envied by many national weight loss institutions.



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