No they don’t!  Our Accelerated Fat Loss drops are homeopathic, so have no ability to harm.

f you have a complex medical history it’s always best to ask you doctor if it’s okay for you to begin a low calorie diet.

It sure is! In this unique program we push your body into a detox which is why the two often get confused!

We have fantastic support products to help your body carry out any toxins safely.  These include our Beans & Greens, our 25 billion probiotic and our Multi Plus.  These work synergistically to help rid the body of toxins.

Yes! Weight loss and massive amounts!

You may also find you get increased energy, clarity of mind, better bowel movements and better skin.

In the many years of running this program we haven’t come across any side effects as yet (except for good ones) so if you’re experiencing something please let us know!

No you can’t.  When pregnant or breastfeeding it’s unwise to increase any toxins going to the baby.

So wait till the baby has been weaned and if you have some baby weight you’d like to lose then by all means begin the program!

We sure do! Please see our Shipping & Return policy

We are working super hard on getting our recipe book finalised! In the mean time please contact one of our team and they can assist in appropriate substitution ideas!

This program is tried and true! With so many variations in proteins and vegetables we don’t find this to be an issue!

If there’s something in particular you’d like to know if you can substitute then please contact one of our team and they can see if it’s appropriate!

Yes you can.

If you’re someone who attends 5 classes a week and goes running then you may find you will need to reduce this intensity to a more moderate amount of exercise.  You may also find as your burning more calories, you will need to eat more calories.  It’s always better to have extra protein than vegetables in this program but please contact one of our team and they will be able to advise you further.

If you’re a person who’s never been to the gym before then perhaps now isn’t the right time to begin intense exercise. Try gentle exercise like yoga, pilates or walking.

Generally any light exercise can be performed whilst undergoing the ReShape Your Life treatment.

Yes you can.  If you have more than 15kgs to lose then most people choose to do the program for 40 days (2 programs).  You can either take a break in between or do it back to back. The choice is completely yours.

Our Accelerated Fat Loss drops have been designed to work with our program, our support products & our 21 day kick start guide.

We KNOW the program works, the results speak for themselves.  We do not sell the drops individually as we can’t guarantee they will work on their own.  They work synergistically with our support products so you get the best results every time.